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The complexities of immigration law can be overwhelming. At JC Law Firm, we believe in supporting our clients with transparency and clarity. Our partners are active on various media platforms, offering guidance and discussing immigration.

Immigration Workshop

JC Law Firm partner Disha Chandiramani and Erum Hanif of the Apna Brooklyn Community Center present an informative Workshop on Immigration.

Immigration Workshop

CUNY School of Law, Lisa Reiner, Attorneys Disha Chandiramani and Ron Cerreta share recent updates in this Workshop on Immigration.

Undocumented Immigration and Deportations in America

In this podcast, JC Law Firm partners Disha Chandiramani and Tiffany Javier discuss the DACA SCOTUS decision that was released in June 2020, the process of deportations, and the ways that undocumented immigrants are targeted by fraudulent services.

Guidelines for Civil Immigration Law

This memorandum provides an updated guidance for the apprehension and removal of noncitizens. Link

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Honesty & Integrity

“I look at clients and think of my family; my grandmother in particular, who brought us here as an immigrant. I see some of our clients getting taken advantage of, getting false information because they don’t understand the complexities of the immigration process. In the end, we are all Human Beings. Trust the process and trust us, because we don’t abuse that”


“We identify with our clients and can understand what they are going through. We are sensitive to our clients’ situations and advocate for them with passion and dedication.  We hope to make the whole immigration process feel less daunting. When we see clients, we see ourselves.”